About Us

Knowledge is King is a family owned partnership managed by Barry Phillips, affectionately known as “Barry the Book.”

Barry has always had a voracious appetite for motivational and network marketing materials, especially resources which are more in tune with British attitudes. His extensive personal library was so often used by friends and colleagues both in network marketing and in direct sales that he recognised a need that he could fulfill by supplying the best and latest books and audios to people in network marketing, direct sales and others looking for personal growth.

Our beliefs

One of Knowledge is King’s strongest personal beliefs is that you become what you study: if you study law you can become a lawyer; if you study people skills you can become a great communicator ; if you study wealth and investing you can become financially free.

Take Network Marketing – if you study the industry, the successful people within it and how they did it, you will have all the information required to carve out your own success story.

Whatever you wish being a better parent, raising happier children, being a better golfer or whatever else. We believe we can help you become that BETTER YOU.