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I teach good people how behavior works so they can create products & services that benefit everyday people around the world.

In 2007 I solved an important puzzle about human behavior. At the time of discovery I was delighted, but I didn't fully grasp the power and potential of this thing I called the "Fogg Behavior Model.​

In written form, my model looks like this:


Here's the simplest way to explain it: "Behavior (B) happens when Motivation (M), Ability (A), and a Prompt (P) come together at the same moment."

This solution is deceptively simple. On one hand, you can learn to think about behavior in this way in two minutes. On the other hand, you'll find this model applies to all types of behavior, in all cultures, for people at any age. It's universal.

With this cornerstone model in place, I was then able to create other models about behavior, as well as effective methods for design. Taken together I refer to my models and methods as "Behavior Design."

This way of thinking (using the models) and designing (using the methods) has such potential that we changed the focus and name of my Stanford lab from the "Persuasive Tech Lab" to the "Behavior Design Lab."

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