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Ed Ludbrook

Edward is Europe’s leading speaker and network coach his books and audio programmes have sold more than 2 million copies in 20 languages around the world.

Edward became well-known through his million-selling book, audios and convention speeches on ‘Big Picture’ future of the industry. This simple strategic vision builds confidence in people to join the industry or to motivate them to invest long-term in their business.
His new edition explains how Network Marketing is evolving and has entered the Shakeout!’ stage of growth creating a massive new opportunity. Edward speaks at network conferences around the world on the Shakeout vision.

The most important evolution for the Shakeout growth stage is the new Network Strategy which Edward calls the 100% Success strategy. To help Network Marketing organisations learn the ‘skills first’ strategy and develop more effective networks, Edward founded the 100% Success Institute. It certifies trainers.

Edward’s true passion is Network Leadership. He trains more leaders this subject than any other trainer. This ranges from coaching skills through to bespoke programmes for Top Leaders. See 100% Success Institute. for details on his workshops and programmes and a FREE Leadership Newsletter.

As a Network Development consultant, he has worked to develop momentum with more than 50 different network organisations from Iceland to Indonesia. His clients have produced $1billion in new sales.

Edward is now focused on educating the world of Network Marketing on five key concepts that will provide the strategic framework for the industry to become much larger and more professional. A clear industry vision [Shakeout!], a correct network strategy [100% Success], a guaranteed leader strategy [TidalWave], proper coaching skills [100% Success Coach] and proper skill-based leadership training. The first four are required to create a stable network to allow for proper leadership training. When the industry has embraced these concepts, he intends to retire, help save the planet from global warming and produce a fantastic Rosé wine to celebrate life with his family in the sun.

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Ed Ludbrook



Ed Ludbrook
The Network Coach